Early Bath

Today was supposed to be the day I published Issue One of Arguto.


When this month is looked back on, it will be with the understanding that however much you plan and organise existence, sometimes it just gives you the finger. That’s not a bad thing, as Issue One is going to happen, but first some more significant stuff has taken precedence. Content was never planned to shift as it did but now the priority is on poetry, a couple of opportunities that cannot be missed and the need to keep aiming for reward that has become utterly redundant.

_reboot to shell.png

This project has become the race that doesn’t need to be won, simply entered. It has become the equivalent of my 46 miles in the rain around London: there is no first place, simply taking part is all that matters, because that grants vital confidence that YES you are good enough and YES this effort is worthwhile. So, once it is all edited and sent away, plus the second contest with the late August deadline complete, we’ll be back on the chapbook treadmill. This means, with time to get it all perfect on top of everything else, Issue One will appear October 1st.

ARG Issue One

Normal posting, along with all my other sites, will recommence September 1st.

We have some exciting stuff to share with you when that happens. Keep the faith.

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