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As you will have read yesterday, this list has taken a week to get here. The reasons for this, as it transpires, don’t matter that much in the general scheme of things. What this List helped happen is the unwinding of guilt over how much time in my past has been lost to pixels, and that relaxation via this medium really does matter a lot. Therefore this list is an indication not simply of my own tastes, but those games that have been come to whilst watching others, without me ever playing them.

No order either. All of these are equally important.


The first PC I ever bought, a 386, was purchased not for processing power or kudos, but because it came with a copy of Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. If that’s also available on Steam it’ll be bought over the summer break, but this is the game that defined my existence for several weeks, and then got replayed until it wasn’t possible to do so. It’s a cracking tale, and an even smarter set of puzzles to solve. This is what I want from a game, and it still lacks in titled decades older. GIVE ME STORY or GTFO.


Oh God, this game. The excitement when it first came out and you could JUST KEEP RUNNING and there were no load screens or anything. I made it to the end once, and never went back but this (again) is on Steam and therefore has the potential to be replayed. It was just so perfect in so many ways and is, on reflection why Diablo became so important in the long term for my own mental health. I was in a world I could influence, and I was FREE. Track Three is the best by the way.


This was the game that kept me sane whilst in the latter stages of my eldest’s gestation. I was as big as a house, and 2000 was a hot summer. This was played in the spare room, and became an obsession both me and my husband would play over LAN. There’s little to compare with the brilliance of those early levels, and the final boss fights even now, and to think that this game has gone on to influence so much in the years that have followed. Without it, there would not be me as I am, and undoubtedly I’d have never looked for a game to help deal with breastfeeding my youngest…


I’ve written a blog about this game for almost a decade. Yeah, it still matters.

If you want to know why this is here, start there.


There is only one set of games that matter more to me than those that involve Orcs and Humans and Demons and those come from the GodSim genius who is Sid Meier. Civilization is much improved upon, of course, and is far better for it, but the level of complexity needed to win a current game is… well, frankly beyond me. I dabble from time to time, but nothing beats the early simplicity of the first couple of the series. These, as I discovered, are still simplistic enough for me to grasp without my brain summarily imploding. Therefore, assuming this also exists on Steam, it’ll be grabbed across the Summer for relaxation.


I never played this game. The controls were too difficult to grasp, and only now do I understand why. Instead, many happy hours were spent watching my husband make his way through all the titles, in one form or another. Even with the massive norks, she was a heroine, and that was a new and important significance in gaming terms. Finally, somebody of my sex got to do the heavy work. Of course, the reality of her creation was perceived in different ways, and in that regard very little has changed ever since. Some days, I think there is progress, and then the Internet convinces me otherwise.


Just the best game in the history of ever. Don’t @ me.


This game has been possibly the most significant source ever for my fiction writing. So much has sprung from this series of games, and from this trailer particularly, that should the day come where I am interviewed over my influences, this game gets the nod over Azeroth. AC set me free creatively. It’s importance therefore can never be either diminished or forgotten. It is a crying shame therefore that the movie adaptation was so dire.


Not gonna explain it, you have to play it, because then you become it and it is PERFECT.


Came for the city planning, stayed for Godzilla.

Pretty much played every one since JUST FOR GODZILLA.


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