Perfect Ten


  1. Saturday is my favourite day. The joy, waking up at six and knowing I can go back to sleep until after nine is now one of the unmitigated highlights of current existence. That extra two hours of comfort, quiet and calm. There’s really nothing like it.
  2. tigerears.gif

  3. Not having to drive anywhere, unless it is on my terms. Cars are expensive, environmentally-hazardous boxes on wheels which, given the choice, I would ignore forever. However, that is not currently a realistic option, but this doesn’t stop a converted effort not to use them unless absolutely necessary. Saturday is not necessary.
  4. teagetmesome.gif

  5. Tea that tastes how it is supposed to. There’s a realisation of late that fatigue is directly related to an ability to produce a decent cuppa. The weekend’s brews are more colourful, deep and… well, less like a teabag was wafted at hot milk. Also, jasmine tea pushes brain closer to nirvana. Maybe this is something that can be worked on.
  6. youarethesun.gif

  7. Creativity. So much more useful shit comes out of my head at the weekend. Last week has been the only exception for months. Most of the time, without Saturday and Sunday there would be no content worth reading. There’s also the ability to have some real quality time to work on ideas, without having to drop everything for school runs or unexpected errands.
  8. group_hug.gif

  9. Companionship. My husband and kids are loved very much, and with their disparate lives, the weekend is normally the only guaranteed time-frame to get everybody together. Right now, Mr Alt has been doing 7am-10pm days ahead of an opening, which means we’ve probably spoken in the last five days for an hour, tops. It will be lovely to just talk tomorrow.
  10. crushacanmad.gif

  11. Gym Time with a HUGE Walk attached. Because there’s no time pressure, the long route to the Gym’s doable, with a slow, measured return back. There’s no stress about anything any more when I exercise, but Saturday is by far the most relaxing time to go push myself. The best gains happen at the weekend, because there’s nobody else to worry about but me.
  12. fried_rice.gif

  13. Take Away. Saturday is Cheat day. Nuff said.
  14. godzilla2

  15. Movies and TV. This is the day there’s normally enough spare time to shove a movie in. Plan for tomorrow is Black Panther, because why not.
  16. photography.gif

  17. Photography. The long walk normally opens up some picture options, but with the Summer Holidays here for the kids, there’s a chance that will also happen during weekdays too. Some of the best pictures happen because you know, NUMBER 4.
  18. schedule

  19. It’s not Sunday. For six weeks there’ll be no worry about school days, but for the rest of the year (minus holidays) you love Saturday because it really is the best day of the week. Tomorrow is doubly sweet because we’re at the start of a pretty madcap journey.


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