Reality Bites

This weekend’s been a bit of a watershed, all told. A lot of stuff has moved forward. Many things will be left behind in the wake of progress. Most importantly of all, we have a path to enlightenment.

Name change is live, ideas are there and we even have a quote for printing 50 Chapbooks in a square style so it’s all modern and stuff. Suddenly, everything is considerably more real than has been the case for some time, and there’s just the details to deal with. This will be the first, physical thing I create myself, from scratch: all the pictures and words will be mine, and mine alone.

You have no idea how excited that makes me.

I’ve also gone back and started to tidy up the IoW site because, starting next week, potential mentors will be pointed at it. Therefore, it needs to look far less shonky than is currently the case. I have scheduled my editing day on Thursday to cover this, and by the time all these deadlines close and applications are in, it will be a site full of stuff  to be proud of.

Watch this space next week. There’s another scheduled feature being introduced 😀

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