Big Love

I have managed to let Tuesday’s scheduled feature drag everything down, and I am a bad content creator, but the process of this taking place has highlighted a significant issue to address. When I get obsessed with the concept of linear time, and that the same space every day needs to have something to fill it, my brain can struggle to cope, especially when one is missed. I suspect this is a problem for most writers: without deadlines, it is easy to let content slide. The best thing that I ever did in that regard was write a weekly column that had to be done on a Wednesday, or I didn’t get paid.

When there’s no cash coming in, the incentive to keep your output strong can be a problem.


Trying to incentivise yourself to do anything can be a tough ask: the conventional wisdom for habit forming is 21 days (or thereabouts) and it’s been a few months now, but with the addition of some extra work into the schedule this week, everything has slid away. It also won’t help that I’m training again on Sunday, and that the next two Sundays are proper events. However, there’s plans in place for everything now, even if some of it is not finished yet. Now I just have to catch up.

Which is what tonight is over dinner, in essence: the understanding that there needs to be order in the chaos, what has to happen first, and then what can be completed at (reasonable) leisure. It means that before bed tonight at least half a dozen things need to come off the list to my right, which as it stands is not at all stressful at all. I’ll design some headers, work out where to go for a bunch of screenshots, and start a static page for my new weekly story on the IoW blog. All of those are easily doable in the time left.

Understanding the limits of my brain is becoming a new, worthwhile endeavour.

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