Sign of the Times

It was always an amazement to me how long my kids would go without sleeping. Many was the occasion that one minute they’d be haring round the house before literally passing out where they fell. My son, particularly, became amazingly adept at just switching off instantly, a skill he maintains to this day. I, however, am not blessed with such ability. In fact, in the last eighteen months or so, with menopause and stomach issues, sleep’s been a luxury that’s been really missed.

This week however, mental exhaustion has been added to the physical: our National Football team doing amazing things, the first serious glut of poetic output (which still needs editing and which is currently superseding Tuesday’s List feature, which you’ll get in a double header on Friday.) I made the point in a writing post yesterday, that this was the state of existence that’s been craved for years. However, without proper mental rest, I’m going to struggle to maintain the momentum.

Tonight therefore, there is no cycling. There will, however, be a ridiculously early night, in the vain hope that I can hit the ground running tomorrow.

I have not been this tired for quite some time.

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