Dangerous Game

Some people only want to make it about them. Others crave the desperate need to be something, anything at all than what they are. The people who get vicarious pleasure out of randomly slaughtering others online pale in comparison next to those who lie about their real intentions. Yes, you know who you are. You’ll be happy for you friend right up to the point where it suits your ends, and then BAM you’re the epitome of evil.

Then there are the people who will do anything to keep up with a perceived idea of what constitutes acceptable behaviour, and these are the people I do not understand at all. Why should it matter that you have to own X or Y? Why is it so important to seem as if you’re one thing when really, you could be so much happier being yourself? That doesn’t make sense either: being somebody else is obviously attractive, or else the acting profession would not exist. But to live there 24/7? Nope.


A lot of this stuff gets watched from a distance, from people who may not know just how much of what they say gets shared to a wider world, or even realise the significance of spilling everything online. It’s why everything I write that gets repeated, either here or via Social media, is very heavily censored. It is funny therefore that sometimes I’ll get people reading a post assuming that they’re the ones being highlighted. The only time that has actually happened… well, let me tell you a story about that.

Sometimes, you don’t grasp just how important your life is to someone else. However hard you might try to understand, you won’t, because the other person has placed a huge amount of significance on your shoulders without ever having asked if you’re okay with it. Real friendship is not about the picture you have of someone in your head. It is a series of joint experiences, reciprocal help and support and (ultimately) a great deal of sacrifice on your own part to make things work.


Today, watching people celebrate the success of the national Football side in the World Cup, people wouldn’t let others enjoy their moment in the sun. There were opportunists  out there looking for a way to ruin collective enjoyment because they don’t care about football, and never have. To them it’s simply another team sport that brings out the worst in humanity, allowing violence and arrogance the means to spill out of stadium and into public places and no, really, we can’t have that.

How do you people live? What happens when you have to deal with other people? Why won’t you let others just be what they are without deciding they can’t do this or that? It isn’t just about enjoyment, I suspect, but more significant: these people strike me as being scared of lots of things they do not understand, and the easiest way of dealing with the issue is to simply pretend it does not exist. Except there will come a point when you are challenged, and when you are, will you be a decent human being or be shown to even worse than those maligned?


I’ve had enough of Gaslighting. If you don’t know what this it, the concept takes its name from a 1938 play and, simply put, is a form of psychological abuse, that will make the victim begin to doubt their own memory and perception. In its most overt form, it does and will allow abusers to completely control your life. The problem now, especially with Social media, are individuals who do this to others for entertainment.

The more you know about abuse, the easier it is to spot.

Education is a wonderful thing.

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