From Chaos

The sanctity of process should never be overlooked. Yes, I know some of you want to smash the system and just do whatever the fuck you want, but there will come a point where even anarchy needs a doctor’s appointment or to Press 1 for an Operator. When that moment arrives, if instead of sticking it to the man you need to ask him for help, what do you do? Chaos is sometimes not the answer, I’ll grant you, but there are days when an injection of unpredictable will utterly alter the trajectory of existence.

That was me, yesterday.

A dam has been burst today. My genuine joy over writing EXACTLY WHAT I WANT has been rekindled, and I know why. For too long the cynic in me has been quashed because of a nagging, annoying voice that kept pointing out that you have to not dump on the things others enjoy. Except, and here’s the kicker, I still love playing Warcraft. I’m continuing to pay the company a not inconsiderable amount of money to do so to boot. I am aware this does not give me the right to complain, but at the same time IT TOTALLY DOES.

If I don’t like something, it is okay to hold that opinion.


The trick must be to express that difference in a positive way, and not allow the entire shebang to devolve into maudlin chaos. I also need to spend a fair portion of Saturday making sure that the game’s to a certain state before the much anticipated pre-Expansion patch drops, which should take place sometime over the next two weeks.

This is the most excited I’ve been about gaming for close to a year, I reckon.

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