Stop Making Sense

It has been one of those weeks. Nothing bad happened, and (rather happily) nobody has died. Both these things, however, are only temporary respites in the relentlessness of life. This has always been the way things have been, since the first time someone passed away that more than your cave of people thought were important. It isn’t just mortality at fault, however, a relentless stream of news, ideas and events can begin to wear on a girl’s soul. People tell me to take social media breaks, as if this will solve everything. This is not something that you necessarily get to control.

Social media management is the new social skill to not just grasp, but embrace.


As most of us don’t have to worry abut international stardom on top of everything else, it should be relatively simple to cut out the unwanted noise. All the tools exist to do so, they just need to be grasped and then used correctly. Except, of course, if you block out the noise, you also eliminate drama, so some people feel a duty bound requirement to introduce the spice at their own discretion. We all have a friend like that, or might even admit to being a bit like that ourselves. Whatever the reasons you have for an addiction to social media, controlling your obsessions should matter. If the WHO has decided that computer gaming is addictive, it will not be long before that remit is expanded.

Taking a break may not solve the larger, underlying issues.

I appreciate the well-meaning souls that sit and pontificate on what is clearly best for everybody without the wider understanding that everybody is not them. It is hugely frustrating to watch people accuse me of doing the exact same thing, when ultimately all that ends up being broadcast online is my observations and not the beliefs. Should I go tell someone to go seek professional help if they spend every day complaining how awful their life is? Is it the right idea to offer dietary advice when you’ve ended up being quite seriously damaged via the self same eating regime that people continue to rave about?

When I’m asked directly what I think, of late it has been easier to stay silent than profess any opinion, because that way nobody gets hurt. Ironically, the need to question  members of my family of late to confirm or deny my observations to ensure that I don’t sound uncaring and distant has become essential. There is little or no desire to be involved in certain fights that others feel matter far more to them than me. This doesn’t automatically grant uncaring, heartless bastard status, but it sure as fuck makes me feel that way sometimes. The fact remains, I cannot be everybody’s ‘friend’, so you make decisions based on what matters most whilst assessing the most realistic foundation of criteria available.


It doesn’t help that my memory for conflict is pretty unrelenting, and remembering bad seems to always swallow the good. ‘Your argument is invalid’ has become a joke expression around this house, but the significance of the statement is destroying many people’s ability not only to remain objective, but strong under an often torrent of unrelenting, unwarranted bollocks. You shouldn’t need to be the one taking a break, everybody has a basic, human right to respect. Everybody has the right to be heard. The problem right now is all those people doing this, all at the same time, and all with the 100% cast iron belief their voice is important, because it is.

Then, you have to decide who is more important than everybody else, and that’s where the problem begins.

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