Look North

Every day during term time, with a few exceptions, I drive my daughter four (and a bit) miles to and from School. This trip has inspired poetry, and at least one short story and in the one (and a bit) years since it began. We’re heading to two years worth of mileage at the end of July, so it might seem an odd time to start a feature so close to what is an effective six week break. However, it feels right to start at the end, as then we’re already prepared to go again once School starts again in September.

Traffic Jam Remix.png

Travel is a writer’s dream: people, unhindered by others’ social restriction, are just trying to get from A to B in the quickest way possible. Makeup is put on at traffic lights, breakfast consumed between roundabouts: many people clearly aren’t quite awake enough to be driving, and yet they all do, often with deadly results. All human life exists on the road, and the stories and inspiration often gets forgotten in my rush to get home.

Not any more.

Sometimes it will simply be reporting, other days I may do a haiku or poem, but every day I’ll attempt to produce something, possibly as a stepping stone to another direction.

Welcome to the School Run. I hope you remembered your PE Kit 😀

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