A Vintage Weekend :: Day 2

I have a confession to make. I never did the ride on Sunday, and neither did my husband. We bought the tickets, lugged the bags round the day previously, but in the end overslept (in the amazingly comfortable accommodation we’d booked) and never made it to site in time. In the end it was a quarter day at the site, allowing us to be home in time for the 4pm game of football at the World Cup. However, let that not detract from what a cracking weekend was had.

Sunday is however all about the ride, and when you don’t do it a lot of the point of Eroica is lost. Next year, of course, my husband will be back: he’s done the Retro Rondo (Belgium) this year and will be in Italy for Eroica Gaiole (Chianti, Italy) in early October, so there’s not too much guilt over not being a part of proceedings. He gets sufficient of a Retro fix to be satisfied, and I got a Sunday in bed, which considering how much training is going to happen in the next five weeks may end up as an unexpected godsend.

It is an amazing experience, unlike anything else I’ve ever done. Without it, I would not be doing Ride London, or have the confidence to push myself into the new areas that Arguto is taking me into.

I owe this Festival quite a lot, on consideration.

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