A Vintage Weekend :: Day One

Last year, I cycled to the Festival site on the Saturday in full 1950’s petticoats, and that wasn’t happening again. Instead it was a 1950’s casual vibe, and my first proper pair of Converses. Saturday was a day of firsts: when this bike was ridden last year it was blue, but now the gold was chosen to match my front pannier. Heat wasn’t a problem, which was probably more fortunate for my husband than me.

Last year, there wasn’t nearly as much understanding of vintage bikes as is now the case. I’ve got some ideas brewing for projects, and one will make an appearance in the Autumn version of the Fanzine. For now, let’s just say that history matters more than the substance of the Festival, because talking to strangers can be quite awkward and difficult. History, however, is a lot simpler not only to deal with but to discover for myself. There’s so much on display, but no real comprehension of its significance.

That will change.

The site itself appears to have shrunk a bit since last year: less music on offer, plus a number of notable sponsors from previous events being absent. Whoever decided to put a full bottle of Robinsons cordial in the competitor bags might want to reconsider that choice for next year: quite apart from the weight, the things were summarily abandoned across three fields. If I’m honest, there was a slightly less enthusiastic feel to the whole thing from previously, and perhaps it might be time to reconsider exactly what is offered and included across the weekend.

However, even with unsettled skies and changing temperatures, my husband was beyond happy, and I got some cracking festival food. All in all, there really wasn’t much to complain about, which is what matters most in all of this. I have some new things to think about, and my vintage bike might end up getting upgraded for next year.

It was a really enlightening and entertaining Saturday.

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