I’m up late tonight, far later than would normally be the case on a Saturday. That means coffee (which is normally off the menu because of how hard it makes it to sleep) and a strong dose of late-night jazz. My earliest memories are of big band music, especially Glenn Miller, who was a particular favourite of my grandfather. In fact, he gave me a cassette of Miller’s complete works.


This was the album, which I played literally until the tape disintegrated. It means I can sing a number of classic standards from memory: Pennsylvanian 65000, That Old Black Magic, Skylark… songs I knew the words to long before there was the same true of pop music. There was also a lot of swing in my early years: Benny Goodman especially was a favourite. It took for my son to be born to bring those memories back, as I’d play jazz and classical to him as a means to get him to sleep. He still plays music himself now, from time to time, which is something I find that helps on stressed nights.


Music streaming services such as Spotify make the whole process of returning to your influences so much easier, but it can be frustrating when the songs you remember don’t match those presented. Once it became apparent that Apple like replacing people’s iTunes music with (sometimes very inferior) versions of original works, it was time to detach from the Cloud and keep my music safe. There’s a thought that maybe it’s time to upload some of the obscure stuff gathering dust in the garage onto some kind of hard drive for posterity too.

Perhaps once I finally get all my writing aspersions sated, it’ll finally happen.

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