Let’s Go

The last couple of weeks have been a warm-up. There’s been reminders that trying to do daily original content’s all well and good, if you have it to produce. Planning needs to take place, matched with the ability to bring the Big Girl Subjects to this new, rather sparsely furnished space. Now there’s the establishment of ownership, it is time to start laying down some repeating content. That’s how the Twitter stuff works so well. Start an idea, work it into a regular process, then allow it to evolve independently.

That’s where the idea for The Lists came from.


It seems to be quite popular to have anonymous people ask you random questions via some third party site, and then you answer them, thus opening your soul to examination. I’ve never understood why people don’t just tell the World what they want it to hear, without all that needless fucking about in the middle. Hence, this feature was born. I tell you shit about me, in list form. Hopefully this is entertaining, and you respond in kind.

The first one is tomorrow. We’ll see where we go from there.



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