Without You

Everything has gone a bit arse about face: the post that was supposed to be here didn’t schedule on time, and looking back on it… let’s be honest, you’re better off without those words anyway. So, here we sit playing catch-up, without my normal pictures as background. They can be added tomorrow, or is that yesterday now…? No, it’s still tomorrow. 

Thursday was the first space made for myself away from home for a great many months. It was a much needed session of relaxation and even after sore feet (don’t use those shoes for walking again) the effort expended was worth all the pain that preceded it. So many good ideas came from that one day it will be some months before there’s the ability to process them all.

What this does is serve as a reminder: there needs to be more time like this and not less. In order to continue my creativity at a level that is acceptable, it might now be the time to try and find someone else willing to help me fulfil my dreams. The process of selling myself does not come easily, and maybe if there was another person to help provide that kind of support, there’d be more chance to truly be creative.

I’ve been given a lot to think about, and it is glorious.

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