Moroccan the Boat :: GBK

This wasn’t the plan, by the way. I was going to GBK for summat else entirely.

I first entered a GBK the day of the inaugural Velo Birmingham. This was the burger that spoke to me, and there’s no shame in admitting the Bowie reference swung the deal. However, as I am often accused of being intractable once a favourite is found, the last time there was a visit to Bluewater, summat else got pulled from the menu to try.


I’d dreamt about a Major Tom all week, was ready to order at the table. Except, at the 11th hour, going back to Burger of the Month was EXACTLY the right choice.

Putting rocket in this equation, the first time, felt like taking the piss. However, it was that and the Courgette Fritti that swung the deal last time. It is hard to eat vegetables right now. Having them shoved into your meat and bun package, reminder that you shouldn’t have flesh to begin with because vegetarianism is the future, is a wake-up call. Everything in this ten quid’s worth of dinner is worth the price. A long conversation on ‘best burger ever’ resulted with the kids during this meal. I’m not gonna lie, this is in the Top Three.


I’m also testing the comfort zone on fizzy drinks. There’s never going to be a generic soda in my hand ever, but the Rhubarb and Elderflower Fizz did things to my taste-buds last night that were gratefully received. There’s a quiet revolution in my eating habits taking place, and this unassuming place is where it has begun. It’s a step away from the chicken-based lifestyle my son pulled us into for a while, and (if I’m honest) there’s no real desire to go back.

This is what feels the most comforting right now.

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