In the folder marked ‘Good Ideas I Want to Try’, quite near the front, is a plan to do food blogging. We’re not talking making, or recipe sharing. It’s about sandwiches and burgers, because that’s as clever as food needs to be for me. Right now, for instance, heaven is either

a) cheese sandwich (Jarlsberg) in a granary roll or

b) piece of Southern fried chicken shoved in a bagel with salad cream.

I’m not really very sophisticated at all.


Food like this has become the means by which my life is defined. Although the ‘fast food’ life has a passing interest (tried my first ever Subway last night, was pleasantly surprised) there’s an effort to be healthy most of the time. It’s why bread is always granary where possible, burgers are now classed as a ‘treat’ and have to be scheduled as such. That means tonight the first piece of serious food blogging will be about GBK. I’ve even downloaded their app in anticipation of the trip.

I have no idea how this will go.

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