The lesson is survival.

When your World is a struggle, finding means to escape fear can be hard. Once, there’d be an attraction to places that felt safe and comfortable. This is no longer an effective or acceptable option any more. Time is against us.

Find a better way to recover than nothing.

Look away.


Start with Wonder: growth, tenacity, details. Searching down then up, working the angles, understanding what works best. If you need to be alone, don’t live there, just pass through. Listen to body’s needs, don’t obsess on destinations. The balance of elements, together make the journey fruitful and worthwhile.

Don’t allow details to become your Devil.

Look ahead.


Mundane is beautiful. Routine is rhythm. Find the sense of proportion and then grasp the extremities with both hands. Realise that nothing is forever but everything matters, make that beat the steps, move forward without looking back. Create the impossible from nothing, because it is possible.

You can do anything you want with a belief in progress.

Look inside.


You are History, being made.

Become a version that will be remembered.

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