Won’t Get Fooled Again

Someone tried to convince me it was Tuesday, not long after waking up: it became apparent shortly afterwards that today would be one of those where brain and body are pulling in opposite directions. Normally when this occurs the answer is to not deal with any of the problems, but instead ignore them completely. Not any more. Each time a roadblock has been presented in recent months, instead of what used to happen there’s a really strong, determined effort on my part to not let history repeat negativity. Once, fooling myself had been presented as something of an art-form.

Now it is time that cannot afford to be wasted.

Once you grasp that everything is a derivative of everything else, including you, a lot of creative pressure is lifted. The key is how you interpret what has has come before, how the world evolves around you and that sometimes, being less than awesome during that process is perfectly okay. As Kirby explains:

Our creativity comes from without, not from within. We are not self-made. We are dependent on one another, and admitting this to ourselves isn’t an embrace of mediocrity and derivativeness. It’s a liberation from our misconceptions,and it’s an incentive to not expect so much from ourselves and to simply begin.

It means that every post cannot be a masterpiece. Each exercise session does not need to  be at 100% effort, whilst the occasional domestic roadblock should not stop all traffic. What matters in your creative processes has to transcend all these things, and then find the means to combine them to create unique, personal reactions. That’s why Arguto has come into existence now, in an attempt to mesh a number of previously disparate paths into a road which, undoubtedly, will have better construction in some places initially than others.

Getting stressed about early build quality is largely pointless. It doesn’t matter what day it is either, as long as the steps keep coming, one after the other.

Forward is the most important concept of all.

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