Institutionalised Stupidity

A couple of scheduled posts have been tossed today, after a revelation hit of some significance. Some people love being told what to do: these prompts come from newspapers, commentators, friends and neighbours. However, when it comes to anything that might ruin or permanently damage their own existence (which is brilliant or awful depending on what gets the most interest) it does not matter what is said. There is no interest.

It is becoming increasingly apparent who around me cares and who doesn’t.

Right now, there is no desire to preach or expound. The soapbox can be used for storing gardening materials. The best means of improving the World around me is to do just that: stop writing and get tidying, or picking up rubbish: sorting the things that matter most, without the need to report them via Social media. More importantly, if others can’t see this now, they won’t grasp that tomorrow.

If I want more tomorrows that matter, time to put effort in now.

It means a rethink of what is presented in the weeks and months that follow, but that’s okay, and can happen. What there is no desire for now is to become a part of the institutionalised stupidity that more and more appears to be an inescapable part of daily life. If things are to improve, time to do that myself.



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