A long internal discussion took place last night, after a decision was made to pretend that my mental outlook has no effect on this project. In good conscience, that can’t happen, and now it won’t because space has been made in which it can be discussed. In an attempt to ensure stigma isn’t further reinforced, trying to pretend depression and anxiety are not a part of my life is foolish.

These things are as much a part of me as my writing.


When presenting anything in a public space, feedback is inevitable. Expecting that can be controlled or dictated is a foolish endeavour. That’s why a lot of famous people won’t exist in the current swamp that Social media often resembles: if you are already obsessed about an outcome, handing those kinds of decisions to complete strangers puts fragile egos on a hiding to nothing. However, for everybody else, it’s a frontier to be tamed and dictated.

That’s what will happen here from now on.


Also, it allows the animated .GIF part of the subconscious a reason to quietly celebrate.

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