Picture This

At seventeen, I finally rebelled. It had taken a while, but the first shoots of true independence emerged. Photography became an obsession, and with a dark room in the Art Department of my Secondary School, developing negatives was something new and exciting. Sadly, personal circumstances changed a lot of things in my twenties, and those early days were forgotten until very recently. Now, the joy of capturing moments has returned.

Needless to say, another opportunity will not be allowed to slip by.


The temptation is to take to Instagram with my efforts, but there’s still some taint in my mind from the whole Facebook ‘thing.’ The amount of work to push another Social media account off the ground frankly makes any such endeavour largely daunting and unattractive, so for now being here with an established Flickr account and the abilities WordPress presents is far more attractive. The pictures exist, Twitter is as decent a dissemination tool as anything else, so stop worrying and get picture-taking.

There are a number of decent opportunities approaching to do just that: one of the reasons this Fanzine was started occurs in August, when a road trip across continental Europe will end with a week in Rome. This is a dream made real, the most inspiring of backdrops… but pictures don’t need to be taken in foreign climbs to inspire or impress. History exists everywhere, not simply in holiday destinations. The best moments often happen in the most mundane of circumstances.

The key: be ready to capture every moment regardless.


My iPhone camera, for all the failings of the software, is trusty and easily portable. The pictures produced are no less valid than those from an actual digital SLR or compact. However, there is a wish to branch out to other formats, and (hopefully) in time that will be doable. For now, however, this is enough.

In fact, it is perfect.

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