At The Beginning

My writing lacks many things, but by far the biggest obstacle to progress remains confidence. This voice is tentative, uncertain in large groups. There is fear and uncertainty of both ability and worth. To solve the problem of a suitable environment in which to nurture and grow, it was time to create my own.

Welcome to Arguto.

Crowstone Point Edit.png

This poem was the first piece of work that was ever entered into a formal contest, for the Poetry Society. It wasn’t written to try and win, rather as the result of an evolutionary process: believing work was good enough to submit has been an insurmountable hurdle for several decades. Now that restriction no longer exists, it is time to press forward with ideas of all varieties. Arguto is part of that continuous, forward motion.

In the months (and years that follow) there will be many firsts and undoubtedly the occasional step backwards. This space, however, will accommodate them all with kindness and compassion. Only by failing can a true understanding of success be grasped.

Only by challenging and defeating fear will true potential be realised.

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